Hi @Atiqe nice win with $ATAI the other day, mind me asking what your indicators where? Regards

NomadsTrade Apr 21, 12:05 AM

@Atiqe thanks for replying. Very sorry - total newbie, OEGD? Overnight Earnings Green Day ? Also, how did you notice the stock? Just high % gainer and then analysis?

Atiqe Apr 22, 7:16 AM

Over extended gap down

henryjamestrades Jul 01, 8:19 PM

@Atiqe thanks for all your help answering questions. was this stock on your watchlist because of the supernova move a few days prior? then when it opened lower and failed to b/o again you shorted?

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SebiSebo Aug 07, 3:58 AM

Love this video lesson! Thank you Mark

CrazyWillows Aug 09, 3:52 AM

Always watch for support from day 1 of the run up to catch the move on day 2 if volume comes in... WOW great lesson Mark, just goes to show why watching videos over and over is vital..

redwagonrider Aug 30, 12:36 PM

let the stock prove itself first. learn to consistently catch the meat of the move. don't randomly buy a spike

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