Swing trading $EKSO and $PIR this week. $EKSO is nearing resistance around 2.00. Will hold if there is good pre-market action. Will cut if it turns out to be like the $FORD trade from earlier. $PIR bounced off its bottom so there may be a few takers at this price. Interestingly the ex CFO from $BONT was hired on earlier this month.

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Congrats to SO many of you on $BONT which is now a 100%+ winner from my alert this beautiful screenshot from my student Danny and his nearly $2k profit (please retweet/favorite) many of you got in in the .40s or .50s and out for 50-100% gains overnight, I sold too soon, but I'm flying right now so I don't mind...EVERYONE was alerted to this play yesterday and if you missed it, learn for next time as this pattern is AWESOME!

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Archive Oct 25, 17 8:09 AM

@Kicktrader21 From what I can tell, Tim looks for the first initial spike then plays off the remaining trends from the first break unless its an obvious winner.

ZachR Oct 25, 17 8:53 AM

Good stuff thanks Tim

Lx888 Oct 25, 17 9:45 AM

Yesterday, after hours I bot 300 shares @ .60. Pre-market Sold @ .72. even though it spiked 1.13 open market. I stuck with my plan and took the meat of the move. Looking for singles, doubles and gradually build my small accounts to take bigger position in the future. Thank you,

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$742 profit BONT Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this late day spiker on financing news it already hit the .70s, I'd love to sell back near day highs today or tomorrow

Exit comments: I'll lock in the nearly $1,000 profit here as its having trouble breaking past earlier day highs in the .73 area, let alone even testing it with big sellers around .69-.70 so I won't stress tonight with any overnight position, just locking in a few hundred bucks more, I like showing you how to buy on dips on these fast moving stocks, premarket video lesson coming tomorrow

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webb5500 Oct 25, 17 6:57 AM

@flythk for some brokers you can avoid the dtp by maintaining over $25,000 in that account, thats one way but thats using scottrade. I need to find out what others are doing also.

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