$6,825 profit AXTG Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this big runner on news of their new NFT offering today https://tim.ly/3lwJ6c9 & the PR says they'll unveil this new NFT by the end of September so this should run more in anticipation of that launch as NFTs are so hot...my goal is to sell in the .09s, .10s or .11s, not sure how much more it has to run since its come far this week and there's a nasty overall market. I was hoping to wait closer to the market close so its safer in case it drops, but its breaking out so I had to buy

Exit comments: What a HUGE runner this one has been in an ugly overall market...crypto and stocks are down big to start the day and given how much we're up overall the past few months, and this one, I'm just locking in safe profits, congrats to everyone on this one, what an absolutely PERFECT weekend trade

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Drob Sep 20, 10:18 AM

I sorry I couldn't trade this one. It is a good run.

Hickling Sep 20, 11:41 AM

Bought at 0.082 and sold at 0.11. This trade made up for last week's loss of REFR. So far I have learned to get in around Tim's price and be extra ready for alerts and act on them immediately.

a_jax64 Sep 20, 10:53 PM

Missed entry at .08. Driving in heavy fast Dallas traffic and wasn't able to take a look until the stock was at .11 near close. Even though I wasn't available at the right time, I'm happy to have followed along to see that this works. Need to practice getting in and out of trades fast on a mobile platform as I am new to Etrade and trading, but have been studying for months.

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NPrice Aug 24, 11:22 AM

So so great...

CarolleP Oct 12, 3:01 AM

Love it! thank you for sharing your knowledge, i am new to Tim's Challenge. I loved your clear go-to and would love to read some more ;)

holtzy Oct 22, 12:15 AM

This post was enjoyable and insightful. Thank you for taking the time to write about your journey. I appreciate the detail in your descriptions of your process. Thanks again!

Charlie911s Nov 19, 6:06 AM

Fantastic post. I've read a lot of takes on investing, work and wealth - this is by far the most concise and insightful representation of how that journey should be experienced.

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@Malvarez13 just became a fully transparent trader today!

mhaecker Sep 10, 18 10:21 PM

I hate to tell you but I am not a dude..lol My name is Melisa Alvarez and I am from Texas and you?

Willbee_Rich Sep 21, 18 7:48 PM

Oh! Lol...sorry, did not mean it offensively. My Name is JJ Malvarez. I am originally from Venezuela currently living in St Petersburg Fl.

mhaecker Sep 24, 18 3:10 PM

lol, no worries..So how do you like trading? I am very new..I still have questions

CowardTrader Apr 03, 19 6:10 PM

Totally missed this. I am sorry. Although extremely hard, the promise of financial freedom based on my own efforts is definitely very attractive. I plan to take this to the point of becoming my only source of great income. I hope you are well.

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@timothysykes Master Sykes I am about to open a Etrade account so I can have 2 brokers and breath easier with the PDT rule. I believe you have made mention of this before but I can't find it. Should I sign for Margin Borrowing and Overdraft Protection...I believe your answer would be no, but I wanted to make sure...Thanks

TXMomma Feb 03, 18 1:07 PM

You are not PDT if you dont add margin on your account. :)

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New video I'm VERY proud of here http://tim.ly/2mbd7j9 there are now nearly 34,000 kids going to schools every day that were built my charity...and it's just the beginning as my goal is to build enough schools so that 1 million kids can learn at them every single day! 3.4% of the way there #dreambig #nodaysoff

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CowardTrader Jan 09, 18 10:59 PM

Wow! That is truly AMAZING Master Sykes. I can imaging how fulfilling it must be to know you are capable of creating a better future one mind, one child at a time. Children are the seeds of a abundantly prosperous future. Keep up the good work. I will join you soon!!!

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@timothysykes Hey Master Sykes, I hope you are back to USA soon. Everyday I try to go over your alerts along with charts, and do a recap of what went on so I can learn from your thinking. I started studying back in Oct/17 and is now that I feel I am even capable of asking you a question I hope is not a waste of your extremely busy time. I tried to apply everything I've learn but I cannot come up with the answer to these 2 questions. You predicted $VUZI SPCB XSPA MYSC and CANN as possible morning spikes. You nailed CANN and MYSZ but the other did not go as predicted. What made you think they were possible spikes, and why some did and the others didn't? (I don't expect you to be right 100% of the time, but I wonder what are your thoughts) Also, YOU WERE FUCKING RIGHT OOOONNNN on $VUZI's top and advised the long to sell as best scenario...How did you know? Thank you and please keep up your AWESOME teaching...YOU ARE THE FUCKING BEST!!!

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papajohn Jan 28, 18 8:43 AM

@leiting I will play the setup without a catalyst sometimes. Often a company will release a PR the day after the breakout to take advantage of the stocks momentum.

leiting Jan 28, 18 10:31 PM

Nice one, thanks for the info its good to get someone elses perspective. I have also been going over my trades within the last year and have realised that most of my profits come from multiday b/outs so this is also going to be my only focus for 2018, keep up the good work man, its inspiring

Timmy10000 May 14, 18 4:31 PM

How did you manage to hide the new lows in the high/low ticker? I use it as well and also do not need the new lows, but I cannot seem to hide just the lows.

papajohn May 14, 18 10:34 PM

@Timmy10000 At the top of the high/low tool there is a button with a down arrow. Click that and you can select highs, lows or both.

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