Entry comments: I bought this big runner on news of their new NFT offering today https://tim.ly/3lwJ6c9 & the PR says they'll unveil this new NFT by the end of September so this should run more in anticipation of that launch as NFTs are so hot...my goal is to sell in the .09s, .10s or .11s, not sure how much more it has to run since its come far this week and there's a nasty overall market. I was hoping to wait closer to the market close so its safer in case it drops, but its breaking out so I had to buy

Exit comments: What a HUGE runner this one has been in an ugly overall market...crypto and stocks are down big to start the day and given how much we're up overall the past few months, and this one, I'm just locking in safe profits, congrats to everyone on this one, what an absolutely PERFECT weekend trade


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mwg63Sep 17, 12:14 PM

Knowledge Account Increased

WeetieSep 17, 12:46 PM

5,000 shares in at .086.

WeetieSep 17, 1:41 PM

Out about 15 min ago at .09 as it dropped. After I got out it spiked to .095. Will look to reenter later in the day.

IncrdibleMrLibSep 17, 2:25 PM

Loaded up on the dips. Appreciate the hard work you put into the guts of research, Tim!

Kylem23Sep 17, 2:46 PM

This looking like a hold over the weekend?

FrancesSep 17, 3:54 PM

In at .0867 Looking forward to Monday!

brhodieSep 17, 4:05 PM

Bought at .085 and sold at close for 0.11 for a 30% gain

brhodieSep 17, 4:05 PM

Goal achieved and happy with profits

IncrdibleMrLibSep 17, 4:10 PM

Hit the .11s today Tim. Do you think it'll go higher on Monday?

Kylem23Sep 17, 4:29 PM

Sold at .103 about 20% Profit, interested to see Monday though

InfamousSep 17, 4:32 PM

Missed it no service and on a roof didn’t want to chase. Gratz to all up to .11$ nice !!!

trader_72824Sep 17, 4:38 PM

Almost sold just before the close but decided to hold and see what Monday brings. Up $200 at close

InfamousSep 17, 4:52 PM

Tim says “ Trade from anywhere !” LMAO 🤣

BruceGSep 17, 5:05 PM

Thanks Tim....played this ticker 5x since your alert at 12noon...7.2% 2x (Meat of the Move)....6.9%,10.8%, 14.2% after 3pm...Study to be prepared!!!

BanktopSep 17, 5:13 PM

Jumped in at 0.0878 and tried to pull out before the market closed at 0.11. Order never executed, I guess I'll wait till Monday.

CowardTraderSep 17, 5:23 PM

Great on! I am in...BTW @timothysykes by any chance are you sending these via text messaging too or just email? Does anyone here knows?

burnettdj1Sep 17, 6:21 PM

A great call for me today; been holding 175000 shares at a loss, at avg price of .063. I held it though because I like the recent news prospects.

burnettdj1Sep 17, 6:23 PM

Also, picked up another 50k at .8645....all green now! Thx Tim! Good call.

gpakfansSep 17, 9:05 PM

Got in @ .085 50k Shares. Holding over the weekend. Brokerage and knowledge increased. Thank you Tim!!

BoBRedSep 18, 6:33 AM

:) So, I am still learning. I didn't hold over the weekend. I got in at .0873 and sold into strength at .099. I made 78.96 profit. I got scared and sold too early. I am still holding the bag on REFR and VVPR. I didn't want to be holding this as well. Also, when I sold CLNV, I didn't sell into strength and I lost most of what I was up trying to sell it on it's way down. I am actually very happy with my profit on AXTG.

BoBRedSep 18, 6:34 AM

Thanks Tim!

DrobSep 18, 7:58 AM

I have been using TradeStation but it would not left me trade this stock. What is a good platform for trading this OTC.

brhodieSep 18, 11:44 AM

Etrade allows OTC trades

JoshnieSep 20, 12:03 AM

Bought 600,000 shares at .088 and got out at .095… happy with a win but wish I’d had stuck to the true Weekend Trade. Congrats to all that held! Hoping for huge gains for y’all in the AM! Hopefully I stay in for the full 8 seconds on the next pick.

pyrtledSep 20, 8:05 AM

@CowardTrader Yes they send a text alert but you have to reach out to the team to get it setup.

CowardTraderSep 20, 9:03 AM

@student_28159 TD Ameritrade allows to trade OTC and is free commissions

DrobSep 20, 10:18 AM

I sorry I couldn't trade this one. It is a good run.

CowardTraderSep 20, 10:58 AM

@student_28159 there will be more

HicklingSep 20, 11:41 AM

Bought at 0.082 and sold at 0.11. This trade made up for last week's loss of REFR. So far I have learned to get in around Tim's price and be extra ready for alerts and act on them immediately.

a_jax64Sep 20, 10:53 PM

Missed entry at .08. Driving in heavy fast Dallas traffic and wasn't able to take a look until the stock was at .11 near close. Even though I wasn't available at the right time, I'm happy to have followed along to see that this works. Need to practice getting in and out of trades fast on a mobile platform as I am new to Etrade and trading, but have been studying for months.

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