$2,355 profit REFR Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this former multiday-runner on its multi-month breakout but off its highs at 3.14 as they're at an auto show now unveiling this new headlight technology https://tim.ly/2Vzny5K with one of their investors/partners, Gauzy and BMW...here's the PR from 2 days ago https://tim.ly/3jWOINg but Bloomberg & other sites just wrote about this as the auto show goes until the 12th. This new tech could help EV companies like Tesla so anymore press/PRs & this spikes more, goal is to sell in ...

Exit comments: No press release or news articles on their new headlight technology and more importantly, I actually tried adding premarket in the 2.70s before it bounced to 3 and Etrade tells me "opening orders for this security cannot be accepted at this time", I have no idea why, but that'll likely be an issue today as it might choppy again between its recent range $2.70-$3 so no thanks, I'm out and playing it safely, I'll review with a video lesson shortly too.

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Megara5774 Sep 13, 21 1:24 PM

Bought REFR at 2.8 on Friday then sold it early afternoon today. The price went down so I took a little lose. I lost $8.70.

BoBRed Sep 13, 21 3:11 PM

I know it's not day trading, but I took a look at the chart and previous news. I think it's only a matter of time (months, maybe even a year)before REFR spikes above 5.00. I like the tech. This isn't just a pump and dump penny stock.

burnettdj1 Sep 13, 21 9:58 PM

Took about $700. loss on my 2k shares of REFR

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$6,476 profit CLNV Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought this recent runner due to this news they just released https://tinyurl.com/3br9ysm5 talking about a shareholder call they're having next Wednesday, a PERFECT upcoming catalyst for a play that was spiking big earlier this week. I don't think most people see this news, but they likely will see it later today/over the weekend and since this play has come down from the .07s earlier this week all the way down to .03ish, there's much more upside potential, my goal is to sell in the .04s

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful gap up despite me selling 1/2 my position a little too early Friday just in case...I might be playing it too are here too, but its hit my goals and now its just a potential re-buy into any intraday panics...it's good to sell into strength and buy the dips, congrats to everyone on this one

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tupuad Sep 08, 21 4:55 PM

Thanks for the analysis.

rdmclean Sep 09, 21 12:11 PM

@coop13 Newbie here. I maybe overlooking this. Where can the pre-trade stop loss and take profit and other entry guidelines for the trades be found?

coop13 Sep 09, 21 1:45 PM

@rdmclean at top left column click and scroll down a view trades. Scroll and view Tim's commentary on CLNV

abdrabu Sep 11, 21 4:37 PM

How I can link my Robinhood account with profit.ly? and are you guys using a chat room? I can not find it!

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