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gpakfans Sep 18, 7:20 AM

Thank you for the trading tips. Knowledge is power!

US16 Sep 18, 11:19 PM

Great points. One important point which I think isn't stressesd enough by gurus is screen time. Watching the market everyday for months and years, seeing the setups play out over and over again in different market environments, going through different market cycles, getting a feel for the market, Watching the tape, the manipulation, fakeouts and exhaustion moves are very important. This requires a lot of time and patience and skin (real money) in the game. No DVD or video lesson can teach all th

US16 Sep 18, 11:20 PM

Also looking at a chart on mutiple time frames, daily/ 5 min/ 1 min is important imo

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StockDiver Aug 02, 5:32 PM

Jack, This such a moving story an to close to home relating wise. I can not be more happier for your with the trials and tribulations you have gone through. One day, I look to tell a very similar story. Thanks for your leadership!.

TomLow Sep 06, 7:04 PM

thank you for sharing. Something like that stays in the memory

Aceyducey56 Sep 19, 4:36 AM

Persistence is the key is what I gather from your inspirational story

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