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playintheodds Jul 15, 9:15 PM

CASH IS KING. Sometimes no position is the best position. BMRA spiked big because it was in the hot sector of COVID19. There are shorting opportunities but err on the side of caution.

junpasion Jul 31, 5:53 AM

Always 100% in cash at the end of the day. Except that there is three days settlement period :)

climbhigh Aug 16, 3:03 PM

Wow nice SN what a move have to be cautious though

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JimmyG Mar 04, 5:41 PM

Way to remind us to be level headed Weefirepengy! I like the idea of a little tim on my shoulder. That could be very helpful for when I get too emotional on a potential play

ragincajun83 Mar 04, 6:44 PM

Oh absolutely! I have been a horrible trader this week and have actually broken a few of my own solid rules. The old me would say theres still a chance to make up for the losses before the end of the week, but that is NOT how it works. I cannot let myself fall in the habit of always assuming theres a "magic stock" out there waiting to shower me with money. Lol. I mean yes, there are days like that but at the heart of it, that can't be depended upon.

ragincajun83 Mar 06, 8:50 PM

Ok so, this one was for sure tricky in revealing daily lows. Actually tried a few setups on this, cutting losses with every misstep, leading to minimal red week, and that's ok. that's what it's about. cutting your losses. i don't play around ;)

ragincajun83 Mar 06, 8:51 PM

I will, however, include that on my JP Morgan account, I'm in heavy on this thing around like .50 cents so I'm still green. have a good weekend!

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