JimmyG Mar 04, 20 5:41 PM

Way to remind us to be level headed Weefirepengy! I like the idea of a little tim on my shoulder. That could be very helpful for when I get too emotional on a potential play

ragincajun83 Mar 04, 20 6:44 PM

Oh absolutely! I have been a horrible trader this week and have actually broken a few of my own solid rules. The old me would say theres still a chance to make up for the losses before the end of the week, but that is NOT how it works. I cannot let myself fall in the habit of always assuming theres a "magic stock" out there waiting to shower me with money. Lol. I mean yes, there are days like that but at the heart of it, that can't be depended upon.

ragincajun83 Mar 06, 20 8:50 PM

Ok so, this one was for sure tricky in revealing daily lows. Actually tried a few setups on this, cutting losses with every misstep, leading to minimal red week, and that's ok. that's what it's about. cutting your losses. i don't play around ;)

ragincajun83 Mar 06, 20 8:51 PM

I will, however, include that on my JP Morgan account, I'm in heavy on this thing around like .50 cents so I'm still green. have a good weekend!

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