($330) loss CVM Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought this high flier, 50 cents/share off its highs, didn't mean to go so big, but goal is to make 25-50 cents/share on the bounce, midday is tough, stupid big size my bad

Exit comments: Sold in so many little bits, lost roughly $300, terrible risk management in terms of size and entry, will do video lesson this coming weekend as there's a LOT to be learned form this, still managed to minimize overall losses which was the only good thing I did here

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vincentak Sep 06, 2:06 PM

@nazfil this is not the right way, it was desperation. He could have gotten into a world of hurt if it went down further. Right way is sell asap.

KWatson Sep 06, 5:21 PM

Thanks for you honesty. Reviewing rules again and again....

crazyroman Sep 06, 10:40 PM

I was just trying to be funny

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