$44 Profit
EDUCShort Stock
-$8 Loss
EDUCLong Stock

Entry comments: Over the weekend hold

Exit comments: Taking the small loss


-$33 Loss
EDUCLong Stock
-$46 Loss
EDUCLong Stock
-$111 Loss
EDUCLong Stock
-$22 Loss
EDUCLong Stock

One trade at a time



8/7 TDA - Poor week trading. Over traded, didn't cut losses quick enough on a few trades which destroyed my profits for the week. Started to be more patient today which really helped out. Stick to BEING PATIENT, CUTTING LOSSES QUICKLY, NO OVER TRADING and TAKING SINGLES! Remember, it's a marathon, not a race.


-$100 Loss
EDUCLong Stock
-$361 Loss
EDUCLong Stock

bought more too high, took partial profits


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