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zaraza May 07, 8:27 AM

take what you have, learn from the rest Thank You Tim...

SlipKid May 09, 3:24 PM

Take what you can Learn from the rest!

rjharried Jun 11, 8:58 PM

Take what you can learn from the rest!!

Hagen Jul 01, 7:29 PM

Morning spikes and dip buying in the morning stocks that hv low float is a good chance of making profits. Buying midday is not a good time to buy. Don’t get fomo because it’s going to happen no point in upsetting yourself. Gunslinger always die so have a plan when going in or out. Take what you can and learn from the rest

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[TimAlerts] EGLT my thesis to short it in the morning was dead on the money but i got out too early again :@


[TimAlerts] EGLT still watching. 36% of the float is short so buying to cover could make it spike.


[TimAlerts] EGLT very low volume but looking like a nice little gapper

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