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ZiggysMom May 07, 18 11:39 AM

Noting to stay patient, take advantage of people who use stop losses. Focus on the patterns that are currently working. Dip buys only with morning panics. Don't play stocks with huge spreads, no easy way to get out. Trade random patterns, get random results.

Flockstock Jun 02, 18 7:30 PM

Don't trade premarket unless ideal conditions exsist, take advantage of market inefficiencies, overextended stocks can panic the next day due to stop losses , dip buy strong stock that fades due to stop losses $1 drop can bounce 20-30 cents, Don't dip buy gradual decliners ..without risk management, don't make the trade

ZachR Aug 15, 18 2:01 PM

Thanks Tim

Smoothy Feb 11, 19 3:24 PM

This is fucking beautiful, watched it 3 times in one go! Whoever wonder if Tim's legit, this one single video can prove it all. Absolutely brilliant analysis

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