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poniboy1 Aug 26, 22 4:49 PM

Thanks to the two Tims and the Short Bear. Great advice glad I watched.

Bullstoriches Sep 08, 22 9:42 PM

Thank you very much gentlemen, I thought my learning curve was already as steep as it can get, then Lucas talks. WOW!

MAOTRADES Oct 05, 22 10:55 PM

Excellent webinar and lessons. Thanks Lukas, Lento and Sykes!!

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WinstonSmith Feb 10, 23 1:01 PM

I love all these supernovas. Thanks Tim.

taylor6612 Feb 10, 23 1:06 PM

When the OTC market gets hot be ready

Paullee Sep 08, 23 5:28 PM

adapt to the market opportunities & trade small after a big loss & or win as they will effect your mentality & behavior. cut losses & protect profits so you can keep stocking. thanks tim .

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