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gnorth8 Aug 21, 7:51 AM

patience is paramount...I will stay cynical. Last couple weeks I have forced trades and taken some losses that were quite frankly just dumb. its crazy when I slack on material how badly it affects my trading. back to the books.

Jo897B Aug 22, 11:08 PM

Patience is paramount! Thx for another helpful lesson, I was observant of the chart as you were waiting for the panic!! @timothysykes #veryhelpful

PapaD Aug 25, 8:36 AM

I will stay cynical!

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JKTrades2016 Aug 23, 11:46 PM

I will continue to invest in myself to expand my knowledge and skill sets. I look forward to traveling more with family, save more, give more (time and money), and simply enjoy time freedom!

JacobVIerra Sep 09, 2:14 PM

Sounds like my three year old may have Autism so after I hopefully get freedom from bills I want to donate to an Autism foundation

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danadanko Jul 21, 9:05 PM

@AntoneD83 please if you can give guidance what services are they ? I don’t want to buy something advanced level I want something like you said to get prepared for open market .

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