$1,616 profit GLNNF Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this probable strong first green day on this recent OTC multi-day winner/pump trying to include themselves in the Bitcoin conversation...OTC first green days are usually pretty solid for late day runup and/or morning gap up the next day, goal is to make 10-20% here

Exit comments: PERFECT overnight gap up on the first green day of an OTC runner, I'll take my safe profits and go, congrats to all longs of this gimmie pattern working right now pretty much daily

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WaterSGT Dec 13, 17 9:00 AM

Perfect, I was in at $1.74 yesterday, out this morning @ $2.05. Thanks for the lesson. Building my small account.

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$2,918 profit GLNNF Long Stock

Entry comments: CLASSIC http://tim.ly/sykesmorning morning panic pattern, going for a 10-20% bounce, could be quick, hence why I previewed it in chat before buying

Exit comments: PERFECT bounce, I'll take my profits safely and go, probly selling too early as usual, but i'm fine with that as $2,000-$3,000 in profits/day keeps the real job away, watch http://tim.ly/sykes2k and http://tim.ly/sykes2k2 and http://tim.ly/sykes2k3 for reminders

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larkjr Nov 28, 17 9:45 AM

$2000-$3000 per day keeps the real job away! Thanks for posting Tim

xbows Nov 28, 17 4:21 PM

Why don't you sell half and hold a piece in case it goes higher. I know you don't trade to make money, but still...this stock ran $1 higher than your entry price. You could have made close to $10k on this trade just by doing partial sells. Good job though!

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