$230 profit HDVY Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying one more trade today as this stock has held its 300% gain all day after filing suit agaist Intel https://tim.ly/30NGwUV they've actually won in the past so this news might travel well over the weekend, not sure if I'll hold, day high in the .07s, I'd love to see it get back there today or Monday, that's my target to sell, small $ position due to nasty 10% spread

Exit comments: Selling into strength here with big wall of sellers at .05, scary stock, lucky for me to escape with any profits thanks to dip buy into intraday panic, whewww...I'm done for the week before I get into any trouble, please be sure to watch my video lesson on Sunday reviewing all the trouble I've had today but still managed to stay safe!

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Windwalzer Jul 24, 20 3:47 PM

Thank you, it's avg 60D is so low I wouldn't be comfortable trade this, yet.

covertunes Jul 24, 20 3:48 PM

@timothysykes Is the wall of sellers something you see in StocksToTrade account? As a newbie I'm slowly starting to see some of the abstract thoughts but haven't quite connected how to tools let you see that yet.

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