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tai4two Mar 26, 5:07 PM

Too much a newbie to short, so I wii dip buy.

Capone97 Mar 28, 7:11 PM

Dip buying for me. Thanks Tim

MiaPlateau Mar 29, 4:12 PM

• MYOS – Dip Buy, HMPQ – Morning Spike • Don’t dip buy right on the market open as another or continues panic is on the horizon, wait for it to have legs and turn it around. • The more panics that come while I wait the sidelines with the potential to bounce up the better to make money while I am safe.

Freewillly Apr 07, 9:44 AM

i like the dip buying opportunities

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[TimChallenge] Good morning guys. HMPQ could be potencial pump. I received an e-mail today from I'd really like to have your opinion on this. Quote "This company is currently trading just above its 52-week low price and it is involved in the exceptionally lucrative hemp industry!"

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