$975 profit JAKK Long Stock

Entry comments: Better entry on the dip buy off that initial spike, I'd love to sell for 7-15% bounce, nothing huge

Exit comments: Got a little bounce but not back to $1/share like I wanted and now volume is getting weaker too as we head into midday, nasty spread now .90 x.94 so I'm glad to sell near the ask on this, I'll do video lesson on it soon!

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Windwalzer Jun 08, 5:51 PM

I have to learn to be patient on the back side for the dip buys. You never know which is the best, lately it seems it bounces down to the bottom and has a higher bounce there. Thank you.

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$5,320 profit JAKK Long Stock

Entry comments: Being touted as the next runner, rumored deal with Disney, I'm chasing a bit since its spiking from the .70s but I think it can hit $1/share or more if the pumping keeps going, use the http://tim.ly/breaking news tool daily

Exit comments: Now 1.08 as I type this but not sure how long it'll last so I'll take safe profits, thanks again http://tim.ly/breaking whewwww, what a rush!

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Doe Jun 08, 11:52 AM

🔥🔥🔥. . Keep up the inspiration it’s working

Windwalzer Jun 08, 5:40 PM

Your video lesson helps with the total understanding of what you know and to understand it better. When I'm a seasoned trader I plan to be as talented as you, if that's possible. Thank you so much.

msbta Jun 08, 8:58 PM

I will capitize

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