$660 profit LPTH Long Stock

Entry comments: Former runner stock spiking from 1.08 due to coronavirus related company tweet https://tim.ly/2xc8YEU so lets see how far this can go, would love to sell in the 1.20s or 1.30s, speculative though

Exit comments: Hit my goals so I won't get greedy, gotta watch BIOL more as that one is one fire

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Windwalzer Apr 09, 20 11:03 AM

Nice supernova pattern, with tweet news. Thank you.

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NatesTrades Apr 09, 18 2:17 PM

Good lesson,surprised there are not more views!! All your calls were spot on.

ZiggysMom Jun 06, 18 11:22 AM

Noting don't but into a big spike, wait for consolidation and for the stock to prove itself. Have reasonable goals and know your risk/reward. Look for breakouts and key supports. Volatile plays are should be the focus, big percent gainers, and plays that are testing multi-day highs.

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$265 profit LPTH Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this new earnings winner, not a hugely volatile stock so my goal is only to make 15-30 cents/share, but I got a nice dip off the 2.80s premarket highs to buy into so it's worth the risk

Exit comments: ZZzzz morning spikers like MRTX, FENG and this one not doing much, I'm not going to stick around and hold and hope, taking small profits, just protecting myself really, remember Friday spikers will be strong from the get go if they're really going to go Supernova so you don't need patience...at least MRTX is uptrending a bit, this one is just boring

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Chrisevv98 Sep 15, 17 9:46 AM

I quit doing this as I can never get the hot stocks (idk what it is I need to study and I don't have money till buy the DVDs) but came back yesterday and I was on FENG. Just cause bi had it on my watchlist but I lost money on it. I chased because I saw it go higher and higher and ughhhh. I'm getting so frustrated :/

Chrisevv98 Sep 15, 17 9:47 AM

I was in Feng today not yesterday, just to clarify

Creedmoor86 Sep 15, 17 9:50 AM

Damn look at MRTX taking off it'll probably be good short after it hits highs right. My act not there yet to shirt still studying since 3am

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IceMan14 Feb 15, 17 6:51 AM

There was also news that $NAK would get halted so I didn't want to play the bounce and it was .30 a share not a big miss for me. Much more preoccupied with higher odds plays

LiquidSnake Feb 15, 17 9:58 AM

Awesome picks Tim. I'm fired up to start trading tomorrow with only $100 you can bet I'm going to be conservative and researching like crazy!!!

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-$125 loss LPTH Long Stock

Entry comments: SWING on nice earnings report ...personal stop loss 1.95 area and personal target high 2's or more if it works

Exit comments: stopped out rest ...may still work but playing it safe

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