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RouxBourbon Sep 12, 18 11:42 PM

Great video Huddie. So much in here, I watched it like 3 times tonight. I liked the intro where you touched on your beginning, the struggle etc. thanks for that. It was cool seeing you go over CVSI when it was practically a sub penny stock. Thanks for touching on your loss. That helps man. Too much to speak on in one comment. Thanks bro.

finnigen Oct 12, 18 2:01 PM

You are awesome!!!

ZachR Oct 15, 18 12:08 AM

Fantastic review Thanks Huddie

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@KiwiDan Hi KD Rads73 here I'm based in Syd, originally from Christchurch, I'm curious to who you use for your broker, also did you try a few before finding your current one, I'm about to fund a trading account and would appreciate any insights.

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TraderD Nov 27, 17 6:53 AM

Hey mate I use IB. Good luck with the time zone difference haha its a prick

Rads73 Nov 27, 17 8:36 AM

so true still gotta grind to get there

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