Received 42 Karmas
tayhaoxia Mar 09, 8:10 AM

looking at coiling action in order to buy

timcobra Mar 22, 7:26 AM

Thanks Tim, I will invest more and more into my education

10xtrader Mar 28, 1:33 PM

Totally agree, you get what u pay for. Poverty mindset begets poverty, abundant thinking breeds prosperity. Wish they had a sale like that now, could talk my wife into 93% off!!!!

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[TimAlerts] MDGS could do a lot of things to get their price up, including a reverse split, so a listing requirement notice isn't necessarily a good thing, imo


[TimAlerts] would the fact that MDGS got a bid price listing requirement notice a few days back change anything?


[TimAlerts] might be worth noting that about a week ago MDGS receieved a NASDAQ compliance letter stating they need to meet a minimum of $1/share for a minimum of 10 days straight


[TimAlerts] Sending you the news on MDGS. "today announced that it received the first purchase order (PO) for the MUSE™ system in Italy from INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A, a privately-owned distributor of minimally invasive medical devices, in accordance with their existing distribution agreement.Under terms of the four-year agreement which took effect January 1st 2017, INNOVAMEDICA S.p.A. will be required to purchase at least EUR 1M of Medigus Ultrasonic Surgical Endostapler (MUSE™)" It is a contract win but man If

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