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htrinh Jul 04, 20 10:04 PM

Thank you

Windwalzer Aug 22, 20 9:16 PM

This one helps a lot on buying the dip after the spike. It will be great when I can trade more than 3 times in a rolling 5 day period. Thank you for the lesson.

001CP Dec 03, 20 7:16 PM

Great educational video and congrats! Thanks Tim.

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[TimAlerts] MDGS could do a lot of things to get their price up, including a reverse split, so a listing requirement notice isn't necessarily a good thing, imo


[TimAlerts] would the fact that MDGS got a bid price listing requirement notice a few days back change anything?


[TimAlerts] might be worth noting that about a week ago MDGS receieved a NASDAQ compliance letter stating they need to meet a minimum of $1/share for a minimum of 10 days straight

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