Daily Recap - Started off the day chasing spikes a bit from other peoples alerts. However I did find 2 myself and made money on ANY and missed on $MEDS. Was another pretty successful day for me. Most of my wins were really good wins and my losses were all controlled and small. Because of this my account grew today. Had one of my best trades on ANY with my breakout strategy. Great day

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magmd1987 Oct 27, 20 8:52 AM

Joined the Challenge a while ago, have been studying and just starting to watch in real time. Trying to figure out how you chose your watchlist...?

Ellis_Wave Oct 27, 20 9:01 AM

@magmd1987 a lot of these have shown up on a Top % Gainers scan recently and these are the ones that that are most likely to have continuation. Some are previous runners that have high volume recently or news. I've found a lot of the same stocks for my watchlist from a Top % Gainers scan and building it from there. You can let me know if you need help with that and I can give you some resources.

AlpineZ Oct 27, 20 10:08 AM

Thanks, Tim! Good to see WWR back in play. Let's see what fun it presents in the next couple days.

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$540 profit MEDS Long Stock

Entry comments: Recent runner now spiking and taking out day highs on news of at home coronavirus test, low volume and choppy stock but it can fly, goal is to make 50 cents/share

Exit comments: Weak bounce off that big dip so I'm out with minimal gains, gotta focus on lower priced stocks like IPIX which is just a bauty with its spike today

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Windwalzer Apr 01, 20 8:32 PM

I see you doubled your shares on the 6.81 buy and when you exited your position you on lost .06 on 1000 shares and had a profit of .30 on 2000 giving you a 540. profit. Your first buy was above premarket resistance, then the first bounce after the high? Thank you again.

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Another red day today. I had a good plan and didn't go with my plan. I had stocks on my watchlist that I was tracking premarket. $MEDS was one of them. Had the key levels drawn out and thought it might rip out the gates. For some damn reason, I decided to focus on HOTH. It was a virus play so I thought it would move once volume came in but ended up gapping and crashing. I was up like 30 cents at once point but was expecting a much bigger move up towards premarket highs. Yes, $MEDS could have crashed and HOTH could have been the big move out the gate but I rather go with my plan and cut losses than pick some random premarket mover.

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