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tmtNick Mar 19, 23 5:11 AM

Got all your videos labeled & prepared to put in my notes @markcroock . Going to be binge watching all & won't be surprised if I finish them end of week. Just giving it my all as you mentored me to. Have to grind day in & out to make actual millions of dollars. Even afterwards I keep learning, can just take the foot off the pedal a bit.

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karman Sep 03, 22 6:39 PM

Thanks Tim

Sarnaud1205 Aug 06, 23 9:46 PM

Companies that still have ATMs left to sell are just not worth buying as they can sell at any time and at any price, avoid the temptation of high volume with high volatility. Warrants can be viewed a bit differently as they state the price they will be exercised, and can be used to make a decision if the stock receives news/PR with volume and the stock is currently trading at an inferior price.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 06, 23 9:49 PM

Gap up with news catalyst is typical a great setup for a company to dilute into as there is high demand for the stock. If a company has been destroyed from the open or had a large continual panic, the odds of a meaningful bounce are very little if the company has any ATMs still left to complete. Thanks for your time, education, and wisdom Grittani!!!

daveno Aug 15, 23 5:09 PM

Had a good trade on DCTH today, weird to hear him talk about it 5 years later.

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