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Grimes Nov 11, 19 6:22 PM

Good stuff Lento

mitnick2 Dec 01, 22 9:19 PM

A lot of good information on the cash flow & the cash statements in the SEC filings (for identifying burn rate of a company). Good review on OnDemand. Good to learn this stuff. Thanks for the watchlists too. Thank you Tim

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Believer Jul 31, 22 12:27 AM

Thanks Tim Grittani

mylifestarts Aug 09, 22 3:41 PM

Thanks Grittani, Started watching GOAT's webinar - Tick 11.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 24, 7:42 PM

Multi day b/o aligning with intraday HOD b/o have much higher odds of success because more traders watching the play. Update: for OEGD it is preferred to use previous day HOD as risk just sizing down to keep risk within your typical threshold and give trade room to wiggle. If planning on swinging OEGD you should only do so with stock closing red, if stock is going to close into r/g move just cut the trade as odds for next gap UP have increased.

Sarnaud1205 Aug 24, 7:45 PM

When looking for consistency, keep focus on 1 to 2 setups, and only trade those setups. If days or even weeks pass without setup being present use time to study and still have screen time to adapt eyes to price action and volatility, but do not start moving away from your setup and forcing trades that are not in your playbook. Only branch in to new setups once primary setup provides consistent result after a few months to a year. Be patient. Thanks for your time and education Grittani!!!

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