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CrazyWillows Mar 23, 12:28 PM

Focus on big % gainers, don't predict earnings winners, don't predict react, get addicted to education, the process and good habits, people loose money due to lack of education, its difficult to loose big if you trade scared, its difficult to loose many times if you focus on the 3 main patterns, trade with small size to perfect the process, trading scared makes me not scared to trade.. Great webinar Tim!!!

jaime72976 Mar 27, 3:09 AM

Awesome Tim, I am getting better and at trading scare and cutting my losses quickly

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heidiv83 Apr 01, 9:09 PM

Wasted opportunities suck!

Runner Apr 05, 5:50 AM

I miss a lot of opportunities, but i'm always learn from it! I will never waste a learning moment

HIMMENY Apr 08, 7:57 PM

i hate wasted opportunities, i was nearby while you were there! wish i passed by haha looked like a great experience

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[TimAlerts] Not enough volume but NGTF up 50% today on clear PUMP, text and email this morning

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