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timcobra Mar 14, 2:43 PM

Thanks Tim, I am open to trade all kinds of stocks. But before I do that I need to study study and study

timcobra Mar 15, 2:49 AM

I saw this video again. I need to watch and learn, especially now with all the corona virus stocks in play.

hjh6722030 Mar 30, 11:16 PM

thanks another cideo lesson done

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HenryCraig Mar 05, 8:19 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

tayhaoxia Mar 20, 10:59 AM

Need to focus on good set ups good rules and good plans. Always look for recent support. This is a game which can be tailored. i understand to yourself

timcobra Mar 27, 3:10 AM

Thanks Tim, I understand that I need to respect former runners and supernovas. Though I should not chase mid day spikes

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tayhaoxia Mar 20, 11:10 AM

No excuses best set ups. However living life is important as well love how the more i watch the more i realize how the patterns work and how the process work for everyone

timcobra Mar 27, 3:22 AM

Thanks Tim, I understand what you are trying to say here.

10xtrader Mar 29, 12:24 AM

Missing so many plays its making me sick and very frustrated, yelling at my laptop, but encouraging as I'm on the right track, just need to execute and concentrate properly!!! Some day its going to come together and I'll be able to enter the challenge.

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[TimAlerts] Not enough volume but NGTF up 50% today on clear PUMP, text and email this morning

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