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MiaPlateau Apr 04, 1:54 AM

• Pullback = day stops taken out, out of nowhere downtrend of price action, and means that the end of positive momentum. Dip Buy Potential. • Biotech burn money is a norm to pass phases. Short potential.

KStanger Apr 15, 2:55 AM

Very good lessons! Developing good habits is more important than the money we win or lose in the beginning!

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Don't you dare say you weren't warned about KURA in my watchlist last night: KURA is a new biotech winner after-hours last night and even though it has an ugly long-term chart, it might run just like $NLNK so watch its volume closely

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[TimAlerts] $NLNK b/o, low float, no news, 13.00-ish and poor 5-yr chart.Watching and learning....big red candle trying to form though.Looking as if its topping out

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