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mylifestarts Feb 11, 21 7:10 AM

Keep making the lessons we are here to learn and excel. Thanks Tim!

Aquazul Mar 08, 21 12:45 AM

These lessons have really changed my perspective. Each one teaches me something new or reinforces good habits. Keep them coming.

didixiu Dec 09, 21 10:51 PM

Thank you Tim.

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$OMI awesome day 2 follow up strength after yesterday's breakout, congrats to all longs!

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Bloodhound Sep 04, 19 11:35 AM

Tim, you mentioned a webinar that was to start about 0900 ET, but I was never able to see how to join that. I apologize as I have not gotten except up through orientation lesson 3, but can you tell me how to message Crook and link up with trades. This is probably covered somewhere later in lessons I haven’t gotten to, so apologies...

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timothysykes Aug 16, 19 6:23 PM

@IDorn watch the 500+ video lessons I have on what an earnings winner is please

IsabelaDorn Aug 16, 19 9:22 PM

@timothysykes I get it now it doesn't matter if the earnings are good or bad, the stock is an earnings winner if it's moving due to earnings news.

IsabelaDorn Aug 16, 19 9:22 PM

@timothysykes But besides that, my comment here should have been posted on the video lesson you did on QMCO bc my main doubt about this play was the 2nd part of my question: why didn't you buy on Aug 7th when the stock really spiked based on the previous day news? Thank you for teaching! I love your videos!

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