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JRF Oct 11, 11:24 PM

Thank You Tim. If you trade scared, trading is not scary. Make sure too cut losses quickly and inteligently.

JonathanIParra Oct 15, 1:13 PM

if you trade scared then you won't be scared to trade and i love your videos and i'm determine to watch all of them

joshuamk Oct 17, 12:50 PM

if you trade scared, trading isn't scary.

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aleon Dec 15, 18 8:24 AM

Thanks Tim

zaraza Feb 09, 1:12 PM

Thanks Tim.. I'm always amazed when students challenge you and then get angry. haha..Bohen the chef.. Atleast he eats what he kills. Honorable.

LizLele Feb 13, 3:31 AM

Something that stuck from this webinar was when looking at intraday breakouts, look at how they show up on different times also. Thanks Tim!

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