$1,568 profit RVSN Long Stock

Entry comments: As alerted in chat, former Supernova with new PR, lets see how far it can spike, goal is to sell in the 3s, could be fast given breaking news, STT Breaking News is key

Exit comments: Beautifulllll runner, should've been more aggressive, but its failed on me a few times so just playing it safe...EVEY single student needs http://tim.ly/breaking3 its really the key to my success in this hot market

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tupuad Mar 06, 10:57 AM

Thanks Tim!

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People surprised by how fast I;'m in an out of $RVSN welcome to trading with a small account, this is the BEAUTY of it, you NEVER have to risk giant losses like those with big accounts do if you have the right mindset, small losses are FINE and part of the game!

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-$1,121 loss RVSN Long Stock

Entry comments: Partial fill on this former Supernova with news with Nvidia partner program https://tim.ly/49PMINU thx STT Breaking news, lets see how far this can go, BS partner program PRs have worked well, this was the same kind of catalyst for HOLO a few weeks ago, goal is to make 15-30%, could be fast given breaking news

Exit comments: No bounce so rule #1 cut losses quickly, cna't let a small mistake turn into something far worse as these plays move too fast

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emschwarm Feb 29, 8:53 AM

Watching the action with you. Thanks!

Imagineer Feb 29, 7:05 PM

I find this level of transparency more valuable than anything at this stage of retraining my brain to day trade small caps. All of this happened so fast - 8 minutes! Crazy fast! The videos I’ve are such a resource to begin with, but the black and white trade data like this really puts the focus and discipline into perspective.

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-$525 loss RVSN Long Stock

Entry comments: This is looking like my weekend play given the patent news and this being a former Supernova, not sure how long I'll hold as it already hit the 4.20s, but I'd love to sell into a bounce and they'll probably have a PR too so lets see how far this can go

Exit comments: I tried to give it time, but it keeps fading so despite the fact it'll probably bounce when they do a PR, I can't risk it since it can't even stay green on the day so it won't be an over-the-weekend hold for me...I'm on the hunt for something stronger. Small losses are annoying, but they are part of the game and you can't get stubborn and let a small loss turn into something more....discipline is key!

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S7even Feb 23, 1:06 PM

Thanks, Tim. I completely understand your logic. Even though I did not get in, I was watching and learning. I appreciate the comments and reasoning behind your moves.

trader_7089 Feb 24, 9:16 AM

Loss a bit of my hinder with this trade; so this loss for an exit kept me from the next trade as my funds are in an unsettled state and I could not enter the AXTI Trade. I'll learn and watch from the side3 lines.

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