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jtran Dec 30, 19 10:26 PM

Thanks Mark, love your webinars. I find them very helpful. Can you try and do more in the AM in 2020. Thanks

Grimes Jan 01, 1:43 PM

good stuff Croock. blessed to have ya man. stay focused, stay disciplined, stay consistent

suhwateeze Jan 04, 4:22 PM

Great lessons here. Thank you for sharing your trading and mindset throughout the downs and ups. You are so damn right about how positions too big for your account can kick your ass.

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PrairieTrader Dec 19, 19 3:57 PM

I too enjoy smoothies for breakfast, still not trading, taking my time to learn. I do not need to trade, paying attention on how to react to price action not trying to predict the unknown. When it's time to trade I will trade scared so I'm not scared to trade!

Grimes Dec 22, 19 4:48 AM

Good stuff Sykes

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