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DYPhoto Nov 18, 10:59 AM

Thank you Mark ! Surgery has me down my first week of trading in my 52-week plan. But I am watching trading and videos posted.

dumbtrades Nov 19, 1:00 AM

Thanks Mark got to treat this like being a professional athlete and just find my mistakes and keep improving upon it and know what the hot set ups are

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sanchezr0703 Jul 09, 5:44 PM

Please dont make videos but DSS Supernovas. Horrible Pick no where near (supernovas).

playintheodds Jul 18, 12:01 PM

#1 rule is to CUT LOSSES QUICKLY. Important to also enable premarket and afterhour trading for emergency exits.

simonfuture2 Jul 19, 1:19 AM

wow! i just read my own comment from July 9th. being excited for my account getting to $2k and then $4k. this is truly amazing and a blessing. as im typing this...with my current positions valued at $13,606.84 i just cannot believe this still....i still feel like its a dream..and i am going to wake up! studying again and again...not changing my style that got me to this moment

vwolfe1 Aug 26, 8:33 AM

Thank you for the lessons this is Awesome!

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