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Outdoorchick Mar 28, 5:44 PM

Thanks Tim I feel like the market is twice as hot this March.

10xtrader Mar 29, 12:11 AM

Too many plays, overwhelmed and seem to miss everything, very hard for me to concentrate on which stocks I should be watching the closest. Head spinning!!!!

AEXONE May 28, 7:40 PM

I love this hot market

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Blondie17 Apr 14, 9:44 PM

I will show every trade, and boring strategies work.

ItsGriffin May 01, 11:55 PM

This video is exactly what I needed to see today! I had this very thing happen to me so it makes me feel good I was in the right to cut.

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K9trader Feb 25, 19 4:41 PM

Thanks Tim. Very high entertainment level. Love Pantera as well. Great information in there for us newbies. LMAO the whole time.

richnspirit777 Feb 28, 19 7:13 PM

Awesome Webinar...Great Energy....Pantera Rocks!

Smoothy Apr 08, 19 5:38 PM

lmfao~ you are the opposite of Mark, what you prefer to trade to what you eat! love it

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10xtrader Mar 30, 5:21 PM

I get it, just frustated because missing plays where I would have banked and end up getting in another only to get stopped out. The + thing is I know I'm heading in the right direction and with more studying I'll not hesitate and execute properly.

timcobra Apr 01, 4:25 AM

I get it Tim, I have given myself 6 months to complete all 6000+ video lessons. After this period I would have saved up enough to join the Challenge!!

Scottalan Apr 11, 12:48 PM

I understand you Tim. Thanks.

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