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momofwallstreet Mar 03, 12:02 PM

Thank you for another very solid webinar. Great explanation about the #5 on the intraday and daily timeframe, especially recognizing key levels, reversal and speed of execution. Also explanation of the framework and the recipe, and the importance of not adding ingredients to the recipe, as that leads to confusion and analysis paralysis. Staying focused on process and foundation is keeping me motivated to study in this hot market that I do not feel ready to trade.

J2X Mar 03, 8:35 PM

Thx Ellis! What an awesome webinar!

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Chris6488 Apr 12, 23 1:35 PM

And again a really great webinar with lots of explanations and lessons in it, keep it up. Thanks Ellis.

amy_red Apr 16, 23 12:10 PM

Thanks Ellis. 3rd time watching. Great lesson. I'm looking for more lessons about the r/g move.

Freeflow Apr 26, 23 9:14 PM

Great webinar as always Ellis, thanks

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