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didixiu Oct 09, 21 2:30 PM

Thank you Tim.

75wiskers Feb 22, 4:41 AM

Singles are winners. Those singles hold a lot of promise when first starting trading. I trust i can get to that place where I'm making up to 2k week would definitely start changing mine and other lives around me

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$1,088 profit TEAR Short Stock

Entry comments: Starter short with my high net worth broker that has shares to short, goal is to make 25-50 cents/share of downside, this is crazy Friday morning spike, small position though due to risk

Exit comments: Little gain for me, I gave it a chance to breakdown big, but it's not so it very well could have another leg up, not gonna risk on Friday with a low floater in this market, just wanted to test a classic pattern, that's a rush, but also scaryyyyyyy

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[TimAlerts] Yep, $TEAR filed DEF 14A calling a shareholder vote on reverse Split. That was on the 3rd of january, 2017.

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