$970 profit TISA Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this stock that popped up on my % gainers and HOD scans on http://stockstotrade.com a few hours ago when it touched the mid 1.60s as they've already teased they'll be introducing a new product next week http://tim.ly/2hSI1KV and this one has been known to spike nicely, at least in the morning before it usually fails to holds gains, on new product announcements...so my goal is to make 10-20% over the weekend and sell into a morning spike next week

Exit comments: This is hitting my goals so I take profits safely, VERY nice hold over the weekend into today's press release, nearly 20% gainer from my initial buy, so I won't get greedy here as the press release play played out nicely, be sure to watch my video lesson over the weekend http://tim.ly/2iu3pu3 to understand this setup better as it'll happen again and again

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larkjr Oct 23, 17 5:07 AM

Thanks for posting your trade Tim

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