($118) loss TITN Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this earnings winner spike today as its run big for multiple days in the past and looks to be breaking out of multi-month range, small position though since its run a lot already today and its higher priced than I normally prefer

Exit comments: Cutting losses fast here as it looks to have trouble right at the mutli-month breakout here at 24ish, my fault for chasing, definitely over-trading after 2 solid days of good trades so I must recognize it and clamp down before I do something really stupid

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jweezy1016 Mar 29, 18 10:47 AM

Smart move...I've been thinking that you've been way more active than usual past couple weeks

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[SuperAlerts] i covered my $TITN short for a small profit...Getting tired with this fluffa buyer...I did buy the apr $10 puts instead...have a great weekend everyone...


[SuperAlerts] $TITN loads of debt with a business outlook that just got cut drastically..Throw in the recent 5% runup and you have a recipe for a disaster

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