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LeeHunt Jun 29, 2:48 PM

Congrats Bryce! Great Job!Thanks Tim!!

rogerstt2020 Jul 03, 11:18 AM

Great video with Bryce. He does the Wednesday afternoon webinar for Steady Trade Team. I'm also a member of small cap rockets. and I have watched a lot of Bryce's videos and webinars. He has grown significantly as a trader and a mentor. Congrats to Bryce and thank you for being an inspiration.

MaeRae Jul 10, 12:14 PM

Congrats Bryce! Very well done. I always enjoy your videos. Thanks Tim for pulling it all together

Sarnaud1205 Aug 01, 5:33 PM

congrats Bryce. Cut Losses quickly!

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$321 profit TXTM Long Stock

Entry comments: Dip bought TXTM, recent runner into little dip off the highs, lets see if it can bounce more, goal is to make 5-10%

Exit comments: Beautiful way to start the week, solid morning spiker, I won't get greedy as it had a ton of resistance up here, but nice little single and potential re-buy for me into any giant panic

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