@Turbobob bob i know you have been writing about $UCTT for a while now - any thoughts on its current price? approaching massive breakout level, good earnings etc thanks

Turbobob Apr 27, 17 1:12 PM

I think the stock goes much higher from here as a swing trade.

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$651 profit UCTT Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm dip buying this new earnings winner, looks like a perfect multi-month breakout similar to HCKT/LNTH from yesterdya, both which spiked nicely, support at 13.80ish, goal is to sell in the mid 14s which were premarket highs

Exit comments: Failed at day highs again, moves fast so playing saf,e potential re-buy only if it can take out premarket highs of 14.40, longterm reisitance at 14.90ish, I REALLY hate higher priced stocks, will do video lesson explaining more

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