$284 profit VSR Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought small position on the dip off its day high in this big contract winner today, goal is to make 10-20%

Exit comments: Got a nice little bounce off the lows, but there still seems to be big walls of sellers in the 1.70s so I take safe http://tim.ly/snipersykes profits, just as I warned in chat, dip buys only for me in this choppy market

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0SethMcClain89 Mar 21, 17 5:55 PM

You were very fast on this one. any slower would have been a loss, as It failed at that doubletop. Your timing is still really good. I never could nail these quick ones

garbaggio Mar 22, 17 6:57 PM

nice?? he risked 8000 dollars to gain 200 on a stock that traded above his buy price for 10 minutes... 90% of traders lose money on a play like that.. i guess the lesson is to be impatient like him.

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[TimAlerts] On the long side, I'm watching $VOXX $VSR HTBX and CANN but none have real volume yet so im giving them a few minutes at the open.

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