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LizLele Jun 15, 3:36 PM

I would love a skype call Mark! I'll email you. I also wish there were 'Skype Calls with Mark' webinars lol. I would totally watch those. Thanks Mark!

Sebastians Jun 15, 4:49 PM

Always a great webinar.y trading took a real turn after hearing one of your talks about a month ago. Thanks for the encouragement.

CrazyWillows Jun 16, 2:39 PM

Thanks Mark, Momentum & Volume is key, when the price action holds you got to pull the trigger, momentum = up trending chart and volume = strength to break resistance, have made a crucial mistakes on momentum & volume plays and the odds are not in your favour if these key components don't line up.

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wildwes Aug 09, 12:41 AM

i've been in the zone for the last three years with my longs, now it's time to work on gettin' in the zone with my day trades

JonathanIParra Aug 15, 12:12 PM

i'm working to get in the zone, the patterns never lie and modeulate its important

Espartaco Aug 18, 9:11 PM

I am in the zone! Thanks to your patterns!

redwagonrider Aug 30, 1:23 PM

I was in the zone yesterday while out sailing in a race. really pushed to be the 1st boat across the line. we were perfectly poised when the horn signaled the start of the race. I haven't been in the zone with trading, so I have been trying to find the zone with studying, and trading less. It works. study study study!!!

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fajr37 May 12, 8:27 AM

yes , i have read the check list

LizLele May 30, 2:09 AM

Thanks Tim! I never saw Moonstruck so I stopped this and watched the 'Snap Out of It' clip. What a bad bitch. That's another reason why you're a genius, because you know every movie and every line and that photographic memory, so photographic visual and audio memory. Can't fool me with the 'I'm not smart" bullshit from today lol.

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