@Turbobob hey Bob! What is your opinion on $ZN? have been watching this since Goode put out an alert in the chatroom. Its holding up above $3, but the news on the drilling seem to be BS.

Turbobob Sep 25, 17 1:56 PM

Don't really see a tradable pattern since the volume dried up.

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@MichaelGoode Hey Michael, what are your thoughts on $ZN? I remember seeing last week in the chatroom you say it was heading to the 2's

MichaelGoode Sep 04, 17 4:52 PM

I doubt it now, at least not any time soon. More likely it slowly fades or goes sideways for weeks. The new shares from the warrants started getting sold Thursday and Friday and it didn't keep dropping Friday. I covered all my short (the borrow rate is high) but have some December 15th 2017 $5 puts that I will continue to hold

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Flockstock Aug 06, 17 11:48 AM

No borrow no cry ... You have the option to buy put options... Have you run the numbers on the wrestling match yet .. The volatility of the match is quite good .. Find an edge because you know it's GAME ON! ... If numbers can be crunched for arm wrestling , 10 years the numbers get stronger for WWE. cage matches too

ZachR Aug 07, 17 8:33 AM

Thanks for he webinar what a grate week of learning.

Latinatrader Aug 08, 17 8:48 AM

Thanks Michael!! I had to re watch a few parts, all the information you give us is so valuable and appreciated!

STicker Aug 09, 17 12:00 PM

Great webinar! thank you Michael!

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($396) loss ZN Long Stock

Entry comments: This potential bouncer from my watchlists this week IS gapping up and spiking so my goal is to ride it, make 25-50 cents/share

Exit comments: Failed breakout so I cut losses fast again, cutting losses sucks but it's crucial, protect, protect, protect, don't let small mistakes turn into potential big disasters and now after these 2 trades I get more conservative and learn from what I did wrong

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capster429 Jul 18, 17 9:46 AM

Sorry to hear that. I was watching that stock and saw it dip and went ouch. And how it's starting to crow

Tonymur Jul 18, 17 9:48 AM

Thnx for sharing I've learned so much from you (and everyone else who shares)that when I do start trading I will be superly prepared

migueltowers Jul 18, 17 9:49 AM

Sold alert from RH and your alert at the same time. Cutting $ZN losses.

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$1,184 profit ZN Long Stock

Entry comments: i dip bought this play from my watchlist off a morning high of the 4.60s, I expect it to get back there and possible even breakout since this is down so much the past 2 days, its due for big bounce, cut losses quickly if bounce fails to materialize as this one moves fast

Exit comments: Nice bounce off morning lows, but it's having trouble right at premarket highs of 4.60 so I take profits and play it safe, singles win the game, not home 4.65 as I type this so maybe I played too safe, but I'd rather be safe on these speculative pattern plays

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SAndrews Jul 12, 17 9:50 AM

Yes nice one was watching it then internet lagged on me soon fibre optic at the house currently .8 mbps fucking Australia cats what to trade up in here.

SAndrews Jul 12, 17 9:54 AM

Misspelled meant want to trade

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