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ZiggysMom Jul 16, 18 9:24 AM

Noting Call options are the right to buy a stock for a certain price during a period of time. Put options are the right to sell. Buying options your risk is limited. You can only lose up to the amount you put in. But there is unlimited risk when selling. Options always end on Fridays. There is an options exchange. Strike price is the price you can buy/sell. Be careful of biotech and buyouts as they can cause huge losses on short positions.

ZachR Jul 20, 18 10:12 AM

Thanks Mr.Goode

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sherrykosborn Apr 02, 18 10:05 PM

@Tradedeficit.... Personally, I've been studying for 2 months now without ANY trades. I would recommend researching EVERYTHING Tim discusses that you don't understand!. YouTube & Google are great resources of you can't afford Tim's videos. Good Luck!

thePposse Apr 24, 18 3:49 PM

I have a small acct so I am watching the lower priced stock action only.

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Blackbright Mar 08, 18 10:23 AM

Shorting over the weekend is a very risky strategy since the companies has 2 days to provide any sort of news where you cannot get out. Never ever bag hold a stock, if your thesis isn’t intact anymore you simply cut the trade. Because what bag holding does to you is 1. It ties up your buying power 2. It will stress you out to think of what the stock is going to do every day. Technical indicators: understand that other traders rely on them. Thanks, Bohen!

Pragmatic Mar 15, 18 10:08 PM

Great stuff ! Thanks Tim

ZiggysMom Apr 20, 18 11:14 AM

Noting as a new trader list the positives and negatives, be emotionless, don't bag hold runners, pay attention to charts with bag holders

LizLele Jul 26, 8:39 PM

"Let's barney" made me laugh, Thanks Bohen!

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Blackbright Mar 12, 18 2:44 PM

Always look at market-cap, because the smaller the market cap is the bigger potential does it have to move big % amounts. The better a company is fundamentally a short candidate the greater are the odds of a solid short squeeze. Make sure that you think of both ways before entering a trade, understand the short’s mentality so that you know what your opponent is doing. The main thing to look out for with OTC’s is the illiquidity since this often leads to it being hard to get out or in a stock.

ZiggysMom Apr 27, 18 11:32 AM

Noting to go through the motions, run scanners, check catalysts, charts. Know your risk/reward, market cap matters, illiquid stocks are hard to get out of, avoid stock with big gap downs on bad news

axlk Aug 29, 18 6:54 AM

Thanks Michael - good Webinar

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@Turbobob hey Bob! What is your opinion on $ZN? have been watching this since Goode put out an alert in the chatroom. Its holding up above $3, but the news on the drilling seem to be BS.

Turbobob Sep 25, 17 1:56 PM

Don't really see a tradable pattern since the volume dried up.

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@MichaelGoode Hey Michael, what are your thoughts on $ZN? I remember seeing last week in the chatroom you say it was heading to the 2's

MichaelGoode Sep 04, 17 4:52 PM

I doubt it now, at least not any time soon. More likely it slowly fades or goes sideways for weeks. The new shares from the warrants started getting sold Thursday and Friday and it didn't keep dropping Friday. I covered all my short (the borrow rate is high) but have some December 15th 2017 $5 puts that I will continue to hold

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