@meyerak49 Hi Rob, I live in AK as well and I just wanted to say hello as it great to see other traders from Alaska too! Hope you had a Happy New Year! Regards John

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AKwildlife Jan 05, 7:15 PM

@GRIZZLYAK49 - That is great to hear. Hope you were able to lock in some profits on the weed stocks before Thursday's crash (they had a nice little rebound today).... If you click on this link https://profit.ly/content/ticker/GRITTANI you will see all of the archived webinars that Grattani has done over the years! Some are 2-3 hrs. long but lots of live trading examples!

robmeyer Jan 05, 11:29 PM

Thank you for this link! I did lock in 12k of profits on my retirement account ILMFF has been good to me! I am getting a new Etrade account set up so I can start using that and upload my trades on here.

robmeyer Mar 27, 1:23 PM

Hey how are you doing? I took the day off to be apart of the 8 hour Webinar today. Learning lots and excited! Do you know if we have access to Tims new Training DVD? or do we need to buy it?

AKwildlife Mar 27, 2:04 PM

@GRIZZLYAK49 Hi Rob, Glad to hear you are doing well and participating in the live webinar. I've been watching and listening to most of it today and think it been some good info as well. Not sure on PennyStocking Framework Part Deux but my guess it will need to be purchased. I'm going to wait and see if it available to us or not and buy it after it comes out.

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