Acannon Apr 07, 18 8:03 AM

And plan to expand into other states. They have license now in 15 states. YAHOO Finance chat room for RXMD has some great articles with solid information.

Acannon Apr 07, 18 8:15 AM

Nice company to consider LONG HOLD.....

brazin Apr 07, 18 2:00 PM

I've considered a multiweek or multi day holds, but the long term chart of RXMD isn't pretty enough for me to hold, wrong side of the hump for a long term. it looks like its going lower and lower with occaisonal bounces, will need substantial news to recover it's highs which is the only plan id want to hold for so long. When news drops, i can get in low and sell high intra day, taking singles not long term home runs. Im better at reacting to the markets reaction than predicitng it

Acannon Apr 07, 18 3:44 PM

If you do Research on this company it’s solid. The goal of this company is to list on NASDAQ. PPS has to be a minimum of 4.00 to list. I have 15000 shares and will add to it each time it dips. This company patented the company model and will be a leader in Pharmacy industry

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Acannon Mar 18, 18 8:50 PM

@timothysykes Want to join one of the opportunities but have a very small E*TRADE account. Started it with 1000.00 I hope to gain and be able to join Pennystock Silver.

CLucas Mar 26, 18 12:40 AM

Thank you Tim!

ZiggysMom Apr 16, 18 11:45 AM

Don't copy trades, study enough so that I can create my own watch lists and goals, cut losses quickly, time of day matters, float? volume? catalyst? chart? Do not generalize, I am a retired trader. Increase position size as you make better and profitable trades. Be picky, don't trade before the news.

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JROlivar Mar 04, 18 8:27 PM

Thank you for answering, and for the advice! I thought the same.. may be with real money I'd more cautious.... I'll keep paper trading until I feel somehow good to go on real.. so far, only did 2 good trades on paper. thanks again

JROlivar Mar 04, 18 8:36 PM

Thanks for the tip! I appreciate it. I can see real is quite different. Also, I'm trying IB paper trading, but I don't know if ETrade or Fidelity or any other offer a better free platform to test. I know IB asked for $25K in order to do day trading, or 10K but only 3 day trading are allowed in a week.

SKYisDLimit Mar 05, 18 8:44 AM

Most are the same as far as the Day trade goes, 25k is normal. Also remember if you drop below that on any trade it will also flag you.

JROlivar Mar 05, 18 12:04 PM

thanks for head up. (y)

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