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0SethMcClain89 May 21, 16 8:38 PM

@LS3VETTE Suretrader IS NOT cheap. They advertise 5 dollar commisions. And the first two additional fees are no sweat. But the third fee is very painful. The ECN fee. Makes what should have been a 10 dollar play a 20 0r 30 dollar commisions play. Have a small account? watch it shrink on your smaller plays

Scr1pt_K1ng May 21, 16 8:49 PM

@SethMcClain , the ECN fee is only applied if you go over 1000 shares.. as long as you don't go over 1000 shares you don't get the additional fee.

SurferSue May 22, 16 2:53 PM

Yes the ECN fee there with any platform, as I understand, esp with penny stocks. Etrade's free trading for 2 months has been terrific. May be worth joining just for that.

Drinkman May 23, 16 5:01 PM

nice trades last week Bob, congrats

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smillie327 May 07, 16 3:20 PM

Thanks Palmer...had CLNE tagged but @ that open i shied away...with such a small account i can't chance these even for 10% moves bc commissions eat up any gain.

Palmer May 07, 16 4:33 PM

Yeah, small accounts can be tough per those'll get there...

Palmer May 08, 16 11:30 AM

See new post for updated code...

Palmer May 09, 16 8:11 AM

Wow...$CLNE at almost $3.50 per share this morning. I'll 'learn' to hold over the weekend at some point...

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