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Windwalzer Dec 26, 19 4:54 PM

These are good lessons to understand, I'm sure we will go through them ourselves. We will think back on this lesson and think we should have learned from Kyle's mistakes. Thank you Kyle.

Crazey_Canuck Feb 13, 6:14 PM

Thank you Kyle Trade well and the money will come Grittani says this alot in his webinars I agree 100% it's not about the money it's trading well being focused on your setups keeps coming clearer to me Peace Out

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BigMike2020 Sep 14, 19 8:20 PM

Just watched two of your videos on youtube: August recap and 0 to 100k! Very helpful to me a newbie! Thanks for sharing all your hardwork and documenting it so others can learn from your willingness to share! Means alot! Best of luck going forward and thanks again and here's to the next 100k!

RWoody Sep 23, 19 8:03 AM

really enjoyed your talk on stage at the summit. SO now i'm going through all your videos! which are great! thank you

Crazey_Canuck Feb 13, 9:46 AM

Thank you Kyle truly appreciate everything you give back to the community Thank you Peace OUT

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