Greetings to all hard working and hardly working as well... I’m watching the “action” here for about a month now, and honestly – as a newbie – I’m soooo lost in the amount of info, that I don’t know anymore if this all makes sense to me, or I just want it to make sense - but in fact I don’t really understand. Really, I’m trying to follow what you guys say, what you do – and analyze it, I’m watching the videos or video lessons that are “freely” available, … but for someone who is just making first baby steps in trading markets – it is not clear where to start the learning process, what to learn first, which graph is the right one and who is right and who is wrong. Information of morning patterns is mixing with annual conferences, 3 months high with 8 million poker champ, and Challenge Students with 4500 video lessons. …and I get that knowledge cost money, but people who start with 2K or less in their trading account, can’t afford fee for MMP, or pay for video library 15- or 18-hundred for video lessons that is not even clear that it is the updated version or the one from 5-7 years back. And yes, I understand that patterns do repeat, but even you guys said that what had worked before – might not work in 2017. I would gladly pay for Tim’s alerts, but also don’t know if I should do that now – since my baby steps are small and the process to learn to walk will take some time – so why to pay for the alerts now since I’m not going to trade anytime soon. There are some traces of DVD that had 35+ hours of video lessons for something like $300.00US but I think is not available anymore because I can’t find any link… Also, how can one get organized, why bother with the excel forms, reviewing trades, history, or watching video commentary on events that have pasts, if there are no clear base grounds to start the learning process. Is there any material for beginners that would explain scenarios with guidance what to do or what not to do, that can place some knowledge in a stupid baby brain of mine, - guidance that will be affordable> I’m not saying free, but that not requires a mortgage to pay for it? I know that I’m exposing myself to jokes and sarcasm, but I had to ask anyway. If there is a way – it will be wonderful to learn about it. If there isn’t – I will suck it up and keep learning as I go based on my judgment. In such case there are only 2 outcomes – either I learn or lose my penny fund and stay out of the game – right?

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