@IshotMyBroker Hey there. Great job on your last trades. I am looking to make the transition from the TSX to the US markets. Could you provide some feedback/advice as to how I could get started. I notice you tag [TimAlerts] often, would this be a good starting point/helpful tool? Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you sir.

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[TimAlerts] $MGT $2114 profit into morning spike. Bought pre market at 9:20 for a quick profit. Sold perfectly into morning spike at 2.61 and 2.65


[TimAlerts] out 13,400 shares of $AREX average of 3.28, sold at 1/3 at 3.35 and the rest at 3.44 +$1770 Sold too early as usual but not a bad trade

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[TimAlerts] Covered $CNAT from 2.15ish to 2.04 6k shares. Not as much as I would have liked but this thing is stubborn as hell and my patience was wearing thin

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