@Jimmyjoe2111 just became a fully transparent trader today!

Jimmyjoe2111 Aug 09, 20 10:05 AM

I started investing in March 2019. Completely Green! Bought a Motely Fools subscription. and began investing $100 to $200 every two weeks. Working as much OT as possible to fund my E*Trade account. I built up a $8000 account holding long on all my positions. With margin purchases. (HUGE MISTAKE!) In march of this year I took a good size hit. But started looking for and at penny stocks. I made some pretty good trades but wanted to know more and learn what not to do. I was showing my trades (B

Jimmyjoe2111 Aug 09, 20 10:08 AM

I was showing my trades (Bought BYZN @ .06 and sold a week later @ .1827 .) to a fellow employee who asked if I was following Tim Sykes. I told him I wasn't but it got me interested in Tim Sykes. Wish he had told me about Tim Sykes in March 2019!

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