$69,962 profit EKSO Long Stock

Entry comments: 3rd day of runup so not a great entry, but this story is explosive and should pick up momentum over the weekend, wearable body suit that is 3d printed to help crippled people, reported by CNET 2 days ago http://tim.ly/1c8FgKp also got an army contract, only downside is they did financing at $1/share just 2 weeks ago but I'll be aggressive here, goal is to make $1/share

Exit comments: Got a PERFECT gap up, lock in $70,000 in profits, PERFECT PERFECT aboard a $12 million yacht with 6 of my http://tim.ly/sykesmc students & filmed for the TV show Below Deck on Bravo!

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RedstarCapital Oct 14, 14 12:14 PM

Yeah, you have to PAY UP!!! for everything on this site!!! @asmy79 but def do your own research as we saw with the $VOXX pick he made...LOL

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I have made quite a few mistakes, but I am learning, and know as i gain the discipline and cut my losses...I will be in the positive within a couple weeks..depending on a good set up and my timing...

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rcford1111 Feb 13, 14 6:07 PM

I love the way all your trades look it just seems that LQMT just is not your play. I would leave that bad boy alone. But I like your percentages keep up the great work and I will see you at the top!!!

FOCUSED Feb 14, 14 11:45 AM

Preciate it!! Good Luck on your goals too!

mascarita Feb 19, 14 6:13 PM

ok i have a question for people.. here maybe you can helpme

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