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KKK Sep 04, 20 5:30 PM

Oh, guys. He is just being polite and doesn't want to say it bluntly. He has tested every single pattern that's out there on the internet with his stats. Figure out the rest...

Weetie Feb 22, 21 9:40 PM

I was wondering about him. I saw his interview with Tim too. He said he watches Tim's videos even in the bathroom. To then not pay credit once he has made it is really sad. I was wondering why Tim doesn't mention him anymore regarding a millionaire student.

RaymondBeck Apr 18, 22 3:22 AM

Now I could be wrong but I think it odd that he wouldn't mention it especially if he was taught how to trade by him and you can also buy college papers online at site for unique task. The DVD will teach you all you need to know to start trading penny stocks and making money like a pro. Tim is one are of my favorite stock traders.

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