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BradWay Feb 23, 21 9:32 AM

@SeanLacap thanks. I think I am going to join the silver membership first (after completing the bootcamp recently), to keep dipping my toes in and build up and judge my own commitment. Thanks again for your continued engagement. Cheers!

taiwan Mar 03, 21 3:13 PM

@SeanLacap Love how you decided to share your aha moment right when it clicks. I've blown up as well and took a 2 year break before finding the challenge. Been tracking my trades by setups in Excel and have narrowed down my trading to 2 setups. I had a small starting capital so my gains have also been small, but you’ve confirmed that my process is correct and I just need more screen time/experience. Thank you for these blog posts, and for answering my question in chat re: $TRTC that led me here

SeanLacap Mar 03, 21 4:52 PM

@taiwan I do remember your question regarding $TRTC. Today was such a slow and red day. We were all searching for plays that were non-existent today. Your process sounds a lot like mine at the moment. Just need more screen time like you say!

avipatel Mar 13, 21 11:15 PM

@SeanLacap hey Sean great post please let me know how can I join Canadian challenge community. I am from Canada as well.

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