TakeMoney Mar 27, 16 12:54 PM

Sure Trader, min 500$, no PDT rule.

NJC24 Mar 29, 16 7:15 AM

NP. After thinking for the past couple of days I'm going to give Suretrader a go.

Nomad_Trader Sep 18, 16 3:03 PM

Apparently some brokers arent insured, Sure Trader might be one of them

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TraderH Feb 14, 16 10:21 PM

UK specific futures brokers: Berkeley Futures, RJO'Brien, Macquarie, Saxo Capital Markets, Gain Capital, Daniel's Trading, Tradestation International

TraderH Feb 14, 16 10:27 PM

U.S. specific brokers (popular): NinjaTrader, Tradestation, Stage 5, Optimus, Amp Trading, Global Futures, RIO'Brien, Daniel's Trading. International traders, please contact each American broker directly and ask if you can open an account. You may have to fill out more paperwork.

TraderH Feb 14, 16 10:28 PM

Most futures brokers offer a free demo account and you can play with it before you open a live account.

Nomad_Trader Feb 15, 16 1:33 PM

@TraderH Thanks mate much appreciated! im gonna investigate the best ways to learn futures.

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